Album Review: Un Deux Abattoir brings a refreshing sonic soundscape in debut EP.



Album cover for Got The Goings Off Coming On

Un Deux Abattoir’s debut EP, “Got The Goings Off Coming On” is a promising start for the English musician. Current in Amsterdam, the multi-instrumentalist creates a psychedelic environment using dynamic instrumentation and beats, ambient tones and samples which provide an organic flow. At just over 18 minutes, the 5 track EP is a calming, yet exciting journey of mature arrangements.

The opening track, “Wet Turtles Have No Thirst,” provides the album’s only lyrical content:

Well it’s bitter in the winter,
But there’s a fire in your eyes,
Your rhythm throws me off girl, you’re all threes and fives,
But you’re common time somewhere between the thighs.

A poetic sense of imagery that is more of a compliment to the environment of sounds, the simple four lines provide the setting for a romantic and mysterious vibe that is consistent throughout the work. Where the album lacks in vocal or lyric content, it makes up in harmonic and rhythmic structure. “Mmmmm?” is an appropriate opportunity to ponder the words, before the jazz inspired bass enters in title track, “Got The Goings Off Coming On.” Possibly the more developed track, Un Deux Abattoir delivers sophisticated use of space and musicianship. A minimalistic music video provides the ambiguous aesthetic to the track.

“If Man Was Meant to Fly…” opens with chirping birds that slowly realize their melodic purpose when backed by the bass. The horns bringing a rather different feel and energy to the music, while giving meaning to its title. One can’t help but to daydream of being capable of natural aviation. The selection of bird songs (not sure what kind of birds) may or may not be purposeful, but its incorporation to the music is clever and widens the environment for daydreamers to play in.

un deux abattoir

Taken from Bandcamp page

Ending with the tribal beats and soft electric piano in”Nightdrive,” Un Deux Abattoir’s debut is a rewarding listen. Originally released in December of 2014, Got The Goings Off Coming On is extremely refreshing from a songwriting and arrangement perspective. The soft tone is easily accessible while the production itself keeps things interesting. A nice, calming soundtrack to help ease the anxiety caused by the uncertainty of 2017.

Essential Track: Got The Goings Off Coming On

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