Review: Pink Horizon



While I was listening to this record, one of the first things that came to mind was: Aphex Twin. Surely enough, Warp Records was one of the influences Michael Summers (Keith Crystals) mentioned in a small email exchange on the record.

Pink Horizon was made like alot of my albums, I create multiple songs pretty much everyday in different genres (everything from ambient/experimental/electronic music to metal, pop and punk) and then I arrange them into albums that flow. Influences for Pink Horizon would probably be Warp Records, Flaming Lips, classical music, video game music, hip hop, and a pretty healthy dose of a sound I created myself.”

Pink Horizon definitely has a fun flow to it and the influences are there just enough to sound recognizable. “Never Let It Go” is two songs in one, a stroll through a warm trip of funky bass and a retro boss battle. “Gray Matter” is a nice blend of Aphex type techno and ambience, complete with dynamics and some of those “I’m not sure if I’m hearing noise in the song or outside my headphones” type sounds. You’ll hear some of that punk influence in “We’re Moving On” too.

“ I have a very large back catalog of tracks, recordings, ideas, random stuff that I experiment with and throw onto alot of my recordings to create more atmosphere.”

Every track has a new delivery of freshly baked sounds. A good sense of sound design and stereo direction is displayed here. Some soundtrack type stuff, but still short and sweet enough to be a song on its own. “Dark Day” makes for a good ambience for a horror video game, till a little acid bass break and leaves you with a few unsettling piano notes.

“I use FL Studio 10, Virtual DJ and Audacity to make beats/mix/master/etc. I use a Rock Band USB mic to record live guitar/bass/vocals/drums.”



Released on his own Pleasant Fury Records, which has more from other artists ranging from Neo-Psychedelia, Electronica, Ambient and Drone to Blues, Hip Hop and Alternative, Keith Crystals has 13 albums available for download. In fact, during the time of this writing, a new album Condemned Row was released. You should probably check that out too after listening to Pink Horizon.

Essential Track: Never Let It Go



Pleasant Fury Records


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