Review: Eric Taxxon’s Copy is sample based excellence


Artwork by Everlest Design © 2016

This album will kick your ass with samples and rhythm.


Eric Taxxon’s Copy is a sound collage of samples arranged in one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard all year. Harmonically rich, rhythmically intelligent and euphonious. The artwork is visually pleasant as well. Eric Taxxon taps into what electronic music, glitching and sampling can do when given enough time (Copy was produced between January and August 2016) to truly be explored in thoughtful expression.

The first half of the album is where Copy really shines. “Jousp” begins with a familiar sample to warm up to the bombardment that is “Diary.” The song is a montage of samples, a literal diary of sounds. I tried counting the samples but lost count because I couldn’t tell if one sample was actually two at times. If you don’t appreciate the beat production in “Peep Stealer,” then just fuck off. Its not until “15627” you hear a familiar progression, but even then it’s refreshing in its presentation. “Bellstep” is the perfect ambient track while night driving. In fact, bellstep sounds like it could be it’s on genre…

The second half, starting with “ASMR,” is perhaps more challenging to the average listener. Sample placement, as well as rhythmic arrangement is more playful to those who can make it to the piano and horns in “Buapsalk.” The real trip begins with “032 – Music Art and Culture.” Heavy sound effects and editing for an avant-garde piece, complimented with demonic snarls and an explanation on the pretentiousness of contemporary art. It’s destructive drone at the end fades into the ambient drones of “One Iced World.” Leading the album to its climax.

Copy is an extraordinary work. Crafted in Audacity and self produced, Eric Taxxon provides listeners with an album that is musically intelligent and constantly grabbing attention that isn’t overwhelming. The production is no amateur work either, since it sounded good in all the sources (studio speakers, noise cancelling headphones and professional mixing headphones) I used to listen. This is truly a work to be proud of.

Essential Track: Bellstep


Labels featuring Eric Taxxon

Trite Ice Records



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