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Artist Review: Golden Leap


Golden Leap 2017

Every now and then instead of doing a full blown review of just an album, I’ll do an overall general review of an artist’s music, aesthetic, etc. “Artist Review” sounds wrong in a way, but I’m not sure what to call this type of post yet. We can figure it out along the way. In a future post, I’m going to explain what I’m looking for when receiving submissions for all type of posts.

Meet Golden Leap, an electronic musician from I don’t know where. He’s got some pretty cool beats and sounds going on, mostly techno and great visuals to compliment. The aesthetic of the Mother EP, released recently in January, is an interesting use of audio spectral analysis. The accompanying video uses these visuals to create an evolving terrain matching the sounds. I highly recommend checking it out.

The music itself is cool vibe of techno. Not too overwhelming with repetition and is generally balanced with use of space and equalization. The bass is controlled and the highs are open sounding. Almost like some of the songs on Selected Ambient Works 85-92.


Mother EP artwork

While I personally favor the Mother EP, theres some great tunes on SoundCloud to check out. “Thinner” is a great start for some synth heavy boss battle techno. “PS4LM 2E – A” is sick bass tune with great use of glitching. There’s some great swing on “The Needle” and its clarity and arrangement overrides the repetition often found in techno music. The last two songs mentioned are both from the Preludium Nuit EP.

I like the sound and look Golden Leap has because its not overbearing like some DJs are. The music focuses more on the sounds and energy than some type of musical branding. The productions are very well done, done correctly in my view. Not overly compressed like most modern techno is and you can hear all the sounds clearly at all volume levels. This is a sign of good production in arrangement and mixing/mastering. The visuals are complimentary too, and show signs of development. Overall, I think Golden Leap has a really cool vibe going on and hope to see some sort of live production involving the visuals seen in the Mother EP video.

Essential Track: PS4LM 2E – A