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Check It: .cranium.scatter by Savan DePaul


Artwork for .cranium.scatter

This is some pretty cool hip hop from a 19 year old kid in Pennsylvania. Includes some freestyle and poems that apparently didn’t make it to other albums. He’s got 9 albums on Bandcamp.

The opening of the first track reminded me of MF DOOM, so that instantly sparked interest to see where Savan is gonna end up in a few years. Check it out, it’s a quick listen with some chill downtempo beats.






Gurudutt Perichetla’s synthwave vibes on Nightfade


Album artwork for Nightfade

This is a pretty cool album by Gurudutt Perichetla. Some of it reminds me of video game music. It’s got that 80s synth that makes me want to play something with a nostalgic touch. Maybe WaveRunner for Nintendo 64? Great production and use of space too. Nightfade is short album of lush tones.

Definitely give it a listen. It’s a mixed palate of 80s synth music and there’s some old sounds that actually sound refreshing. You can not be a fan of 80s synths, but still like the instrumentation and sound of Nightfade.


Gurudutt Perichetla has more music available on his Bandcamp page.

Essential Track: Drowning In The Shadows